Sumptuous Suckling Pig

Roast suckling pig has a rich history across many cultures and is revered as a  ceremonial dish for those very special occasions, making it the ideal choice for smaller parties wanting a complete animal as the centrepiece of their event. It is a magnificent eating experience that has a unique succulence and flavour which is memorable for a long, long time.

Especially popular in medieval times the suckling pig, alongside the ox roast, was essential food at all the best banquets, tournaments and county fairs.

How many guests will a suckling pig feed? Well, depending upon size, one of our suckling pigs should feed up to about 20.


Roast Suckling Pig Options

  • Free range suckling pig with a rub and stuffing of your choice, slow cooked to perfection
  • Served with soft or rustic bread rolls
  •  Apple Sauce
  • Red Wine Gravy (optional)
  • A choice of delicious home made salads (optional)
  • A choice of  hand made desserts (optional)
  • Cornish ‘Doom Bar’ Real Ale (optional)
  • French Country Wine (optional)
  • Lindisfarne Mead (optional)
  • Disposable plates and napkins (optional)
  • Our own serving tables
  • Small or large parties please e mail / ring for our best prices
  • No VAT

We can prepare a suckling pig feast to your own specification and budget


Vegetarian delights

A selection of meat free dishes that can all be eaten with our salads. We also cater of guests requiring gluten free diets or with any other special dietary requirements.

In a bap (warm)

  • Vegetarian Cumberland or Lincolnshire sausages
  • Vegetarian quarter pound burgers

In a pitta (cold)

  • Houmous, sliced radishes, lemon and coriander
  • Falafel, salad and tahini Zatziki

All items are subject to availability. Alternatives will be offered for unavailable items. Our food may contain traces of nuts.