British or American style STREET FOOD brought direct to your workplace

Traditional British Hog roast or Proper American BBQ – the choice is yours. A sumptuous ‘well worth waiting for’ meal delivered hot to your place of work once a week.

Traditional British Hog Roast

porkWhy wait till the next wedding or village fete? We can deliver a hog roast direct to your work place or home. Sumptuous hog roast pork in a large soft bread bap complete with stuffing, crackling and apple sauce!



Proper American BBQ Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork BBQYou don’t have to travel to the States or London to sample America’s favourite BBQ food. Boston pork butt (pork shoulder to us Brits) rubbed with an award winning Carolina rub , refrigerated overnight then slow roasted for at least 8 hours. Pulled and served in a large soft bread bap with our home made Kansas coleslaw and authentic American barbeque sauce.

Proper American BBQ Beef Brisket

brisketThe national dish of the The Republic of Texas. Beef brisket rubbed and roasted ‘slow and low’ till it almost falls apart, then piled into a soft large bread bap with our home made Kansas coleslaw and authentic American barbeque sauce.

Minimum orders apply and we only deliver to your area one day per week. Call us on 01509 889412 for details or to place an order.

COMING SOON: Proper Authentic American Burgers and Dogs – The Real Deal!!

Vegetarian Options

A selection of simple meat free dishes, in keeping with the hog roast, that can all be eaten in one of our bread rolls, pitta bread or with our salads.

In a bap


Vegetarian Hot Dog
Vegetarian sausages in a bread roll Extras; Fried onions, cheese, vegetarian chilli, Extra Sauces: Zatziki, Mayo, Tomato ketchup, American mustard



bapVegetarian Burger
Vegetable burger in a bread bun with tomato and lettuce  Extras: Cucumber, red onion, avocado, Coleslaw  Extra Sauces: Zatziki, Mayo, Tomato Ketchup



In a pitta

bap2Vegetarian Pitta Bread
filled with Falafel, salad and Zatziki




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