BBQ Caterers in Nottinghamshire – the taste of traditional American BBQ Food

We are professional BBQ caterers in Nottinghamshire and are delighted to be able to offer the food loving people of Nottinghamshire a unique example of that Great American Cooking Tradition – BBQ catering.

We offer authentic Southern States BBQ Catering which has not been available before for outside catering events in Nottinghamshire.  It is especially cost effective for wedding catering and party catering where guest numbers or budgets are restricted, so is ideal for private or corporate events with up to 70 guests. However, we can also make it available for larger events with up to 120 guests.


Firstly though, what is BBQ?

In America barbecue means cooking meat very, very slowly. In Britain, we are not sure whether we eat it, attend it or buy it.

In Nottinghamshire, like most places in Britain, BBQ will generally mean a fast cooking process over direct high heat whilst grilling refers to cooking under direct high heat.  In America barbecue refers to a slow cooking process using indirect heat like roasting or smoking.

There are, of course, many regional variations of barbeque in the States. We have chosen to offer BBQ pork and beef, because we are good at cooking it. It is also the preferred meat of the Carolina and Texas states. In other States a different meat is preferred, Kansas prefers ribs and Kentucky prefers mutton, etc.

Pulled Pork, a delicacy that was enjoyed long ago by the Pilgrim settlers and which is generally believed to be the original American barbecue and Beef Brisket is the national dish of the Republic of Texas. In age old tradition the meat is rubbed with a mixture of herbs and spices and left for twelve hours to marinate. It is then slow, slow roasted for at least a further 18 hours until the meat becomes super tender.

We usually serve this classic American BBQ food in a white bread bun with two imported American BBQ sauces, together with a tossed green salad and our own homemade creamy coleslaw on the side.

So, if you’re tired of the same old leathery burgers, meatless ribs, burnt sausages, bony chicken legs, etc. and are looking for BBQ catering in Nottinghamshire with a real ‘wow’ factor – try this barbecue food.


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