Hog Roasts in the Cotswolds – ideal for small or large events

Hog Roast Cotswold Everyone loves a hog roast, but most people also love a lamb roast. The problem, until now, has been that most conventional roasting ovens can only roast one lamb at a time, which usually limits the maximum number of guests that can be fed comfortably to around 30. This is a shame and has restricted this wonderful succulent meat being available for the larger weddings and events in the Cotswolds. However, we have now solved this problem, or rather our unique purpose built mobile oven has. We call it Hercules, which as you can guess probably has something to do with his size and power. And you’d be right.

Cotswold Hog RoastWe can roast up to seven whole lambs at the same time, or at staggered times if required, which means that we can easily supply slow roasted, sumptuous lamb for over 200 hungry diners. So now it doesn’t matter how many guests you are inviting, lamb is now a real option to the ever popular hog roast. But if you do prefer hog, then Hercules can also roast up to three of them at the same time!

Cotswold Hog RoastOur unique roasting oven does not require electricity so we are able to operate in any part of the Cotswolds, no matter how remote. Our unique independently operated double oven is also a guarantee that we can always roast on the day.

Our service is available throughout the Cotswolds seven days a week, so we are always available for weekday events if required.


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