Hog Roast in Cotswolds

Our Premium hog roasts in the Cotswolds use rare breed pork and are the best available. Having supplied over 1800 hog roasts, beef roasts and lamb roasts since 2012, we know what really makes a hog roast truly exceptional. We slow roast ours, ensuring the most sumptuous pork and the tastiest crackling.

We are staffed by chefs and catering professionals and can offer aHog roasts in the Cotswolds number of hassle free hog roast options in the Cotswolds, to feed any number of guests from 15 to over 1000. And, all our Gloucester Old Spot pork is ethically sourced direct from the farm.

When choosing the finest hog roast company in the Cotswolds there are some important things you ought to consider. Here’s an excerpt from a recent magazine article we were asked to write.  To see the whole article CLICK HERE

Last minute cancellations

We are increasingly hearing from angry and disappointed enquirers that the hog roast company in the Cotswolds they have booked for their special occasion has let them down – often at the last minute. This is all too often a part timer who has more than likely received a more lucrative job. This is a sad reflection on the calibre of some of the operatives currently supplying hog roasts. Choose a company that you can trust will turn up.

The size of the hog and portion sizes

This is always a difficult one and one that is often not apparent till guests are actually being served at the particular event in the Cotswolds – which may be too late! Remember, ‘You get what you pay for’. As an example, the size of a hog suitable for feeding say 100 guests can often vary depending on who you use and how much you pay. For instance, when serving industry normal standard portions of around 6oz to 8oz of meat per portion, you would need a hog of approximately 42 kg dead weight (the weight of the hog oven prepared). To get your business, some hog roasters may tend to serve smaller portions and hence will only need a smaller hog, of say 30 kg  This could make them cheaper when comparing prices for feeding your 100 guests. Not many of the cheap hog roasters will state the weight of the hog they will use for your special event. To avoid possible disappointment on the day, if you are comparing market prices, it is imperative you compare ‘like’ with ‘like’ and ask potential hog roasters what weight of hog they would use.

Any seconds?

Yet again, you get what you pay for. If you are looking to pay next to nothing for your hog roast – you’ll probably receive just that. Worse still, there might actually not even be enough for firsts!

Hog roasts in the Cotswolds

And here’s what previous Cotswold customers say about us…

Everyone had a great time and many said how amazing the Hog Roast was. James and Stephanie were great and it tasted sooo good. I haven’t heard a single negative comment! Thank you very much and we will definitely be in touch in the future.Jessica, Moreton-in-Marsh

“It was fantastic! I have received nothing but good comments, and compliments of your food. The event went very smoothly! Please pass my thanks on to Beth and Ross; brilliant service and very friendly staff. Thank you very much again for your efficient service; I will definitely be in touch if we have another event where we require catering.” Hannah, Gloucestershire

We hope you found the aforementioned of use if you are planning a hog roast for your wedding, special occasion or corporate event in the Cotswold area. If you would like to discuss any aspect further, please feel free to call us on 01509 889412.