Hog Roast in Derbyshire

The Hog and Ox Roast Company are the leading professional catering company providing hog roasts in Derbyshire, with over 1700 hog roasts under our belt.

Our traditional, succulent hog roasts, lamb roasts and beef roasts can be enjoyed in any parts of Derbyshire, including the Peak District, on any occasion, whether it is to celebrate a wedding, corporate event, party, fete or festival. Our chefs will be happy to supply you with a tailor-made package to suit your individual needs, guests and occasion.

When choosing the number one hog roast company in Derbyshire there are some important things you ought to consider. Here’s an excerpt from a recent magazine article we were asked to write. To see the whole article CLICK HERE

The theatre of a whole hog

Not all Hog Roast Companies in Derbyshire roast the whole hog, here’s why it’s important.

The size of the roasting oven will depend upon the size of the hog you can roast. Most of the off the shelf ‘coffin’ hog roast machines are of the spit roast variety with an electric rotisserie and many will only roast one hog up to a maximum of around 65 kgs, with the head off, which should be adequate for most occasions. However, most occasions will require that the head and legs are left on prior to roasting. You may have to specifically request this, as it can be very disappointing on the day if the end result resembles a large joint, which is not really the ethos and theatre of a rustic hog roast. Bespoke machines usually have far greater roasting capacities and can often roast two or more complete hogs. Always ask whether the hog roasters you contact roast whole hogs with head and legs on or off, your Derbyshire event won’t be the same without the whole hog!

The Hog itself

You may, or may not believe it, but all hogs are not born equal and do not taste the same. They can be generally grouped into two categories – Commercial and Rare Breed. Commercial pig farms house thousands of pigs in climate-controlled buildings with little to no exposure to sunlight or the outdoors. One of the most popular UK commercial breeds is the Landrace, a firm favourite with many ‘run of the mill’ Derbyshire hog roast companies, with fairly lean meat and an acceptable taste – but nothing to write home about.

However, a few of the more discerning hog roasters wishing to supply the ultimate hog roast, are turning to British rare breeds – in particular the Gloucester Old Spot. Our own supplier breeds them in an outdoor environment, where they are fed with natural feed and are left to furrow unattended in their own outdoor huts. This breed carries extra fat which helps to infuse moisture and a superbly distinctive flavour into the meat whilst it cooks – a quality and flavour of pork highly coveted by the discerning meat lover. And the crackling is simply to die for!

And here’s what previous Derbyshire customers say about us…

“We would just like to thank you and your team for the wonderful hog roast you supplied us with, the hog and all the other food were of the highest quality. We fed 70 people and there was still plenty left. We would certainly use you again and will definitely recommend you to other people. Once again, thank you for a great service.” John, Derbyshire

“We all wanted to express our compete satisfaction with the service from beginning to end. The hog roast and vegetarian option with salads was superb, Beautifully cooked, presented and served and all the menu choices we had were really delicious. We have had so many positive comments from our guests. Your catering ensured our Christening Lunch event was most successful and enjoyable. We couldn’t have asked for better service on the day and would not hesitate to use your services again and to recommend you to others for catering at their special events.” Anne, Derbyshire,

We hope you found the aforementioned of use if you are planning a hog roast for your wedding, special occasion or corporate event in the Derbyshire area. If you would like to discuss any aspect further, please feel free to call us on 01509 889412.