Hog Roasts Lincolnshire

The Hog and Ox Roast Company offer the most succulent hog roasts, lamb roasts and beef roasts, which can be enjoyed on any occasion in Lincolnshire, whether it is to celebrate a wedding, corporate event, party, fete or festival.

We are staffed by chefs and catering professionals, so can supply tailor-made packages to suit all individual needs, guests and occasions. We have supplied over 1700 hog roasts to date, so we know our business and what makes a memorable occasion. And, for hog roasts in Lincolnshire, we now supply the premium Gloucester Old Spot.

When choosing the leading hog roast company in Lincolnshire there are

some important things you ought to consider. Here’s an excerpt from a recent magazine article we were asked to write. To see the whole article CLICK HERE

Spit roast or oven roast
Hog Roasts Lincolnshire

Hog Roasts Lincolnshire

There are basically two types of hog roast machine used for hog roasts in Lincolnshire – the spit roast machine, usually off the shelf, which uses an electrically driven revolving rotisserie which can only roast one smallish complete hog and the oven roasting machine, often bespoke made, which can roast more than one whole hog, on static roasting trays. There are pros and cons for both of course. Unless operated by a professional, spit roast machines can often produce unevenly cooked meat. Carved on the spit, the meat can often be dry and cold. The oven roasting machine usually operates on a convective cooking method which eliminates the need for a rotisserie and achieves more even cooking temperatures whilst retaining your food’s natural juices. And, roasting slower for a longer than normal time gives delicious and succulent pulled pork. So, forget spit roast!

Testimonials and experience

If you are searching for hog roasts in Lincolnshire on the internet, chances are you will have no idea who they are, what their experience is or what previous clients think of them. It is most important to have an idea of these things before you book them and hence avoid possible disappointment on your special day. Professional hog roast companies should be able to supply you with this information. In the best cases they will feature case histories and testimonials on their websites, which will give you a very good idea of their capabilities and the quality of their roasting and service.


Worth checking out whether the hog roast company you are considering can supply all the add ons, should you wish. Stuffing, salads, potatoes and desserts may also be required. Again, if they can supply them, what you pay may very well reflect on whether they are handmade or will be purchased from the local cash and carry. Always remember, you get what you pay for.


You may require a range of vegetarian options, so check that the hog roast company in Lincolnshire you want to use is happy to provide any specific requirements for vegetarians, vegans and those with gluten free diets.

Hog Roasts Lincolnshire

And here’s what previous Lincolnshire customers say about us…

Thank you for the best hog roast that I personally have ever had! We were amazed with the quick set up and James was very professional and helpful. All attendees commented on how wonderful the hog was and we did our best to hand it out to all staff members. Thank you for your quick responses, could not recommend you enough and if we need a hog – or cow! – we know where to go to!Becky

“I feel very remiss that in the busyness of sorting everything out post-wedding that I had neglected to come back to you and express our thanks at the wonderful hog roast that you put on for us last Saturday. It was lovely and the wedding guests all thoroughly enjoyed it. Until the next time!” Jo

We hope you found the aforementioned of use if you are planning a hog roast for your wedding, special occasion or corporate event in the Lincolnshire area. If you would like to discuss any aspect further, please feel free to call us on 01509 889412.