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The Hog and Ox Roast Company, for simply the best premium hog roasts in Nottinghamshire. Slow roasted rare breed hogs guarantee you the most sumptuous pork and golden crackling. We have supplied over 1700 hog roasts to date, so we are expert at supplying good ones!

We offer a seven days a week, hassle free service for all hog roasts in Nottinghamshire. , Together with our unique beef roasts and lamb roasts, they can be enjoyed at any wedding, special occasion, corporate event, party, fete or festival with guests from 30 to well over 1000.

When choosing the best hog roast company in Nottinghamshire there are some important things you ought to consider. Here’s an excerpt from a recent magazine article we were asked to write.  To see the whole article CLICK HERE

Hog roasts in Nottinghamshire are now supplied by a number of different individuals and companies, some good, many not so good. They can vary greatly in exactly what is included within the stated cost of their hog roast, i.e. apple sauce, bread buns, stuffing, servers, tables, mileage, VAT, etc, etc. If you want to compare hog roast suppliers, it needs to be on a ‘like for like’ basis.

They can generally be put into four categories – the one man band, the part time weekend hog roasters, the farmers and butchers and finally the professional hog roast company.

So, who should you choose?

The one man band

This group of hog roasters are usually sole traders using an ‘off the shelf’ spit roast machine and operating by themselves. This can often lead to long waiting times, large queues and cold meat as the single operative tries to carve and serve at the same time. This is especially applicable for events with guest numbers of 100+. Additionally, the guests in the serving queue will only be served the meat that the operative happens to be carving at that time. This can be a shame, as the meat on a hog varies from shoulder to loin to rump and leg.

The part time weekend hog roaster

These are the part timers, often sole traders, supplying hog roasts in Nottinghamshire at the weekends mainly for extra income. They are not usually professional caterers and are rarely ever trained chefs. They often have another non catering job during the week and their equipment can tend to be of the cheap spit roast variety. These are sometimes not very well made and are often only capable of roasting a small hog or perhaps a larger one with the head and legs removed, thus resembling a large joint of meat. They are a lucrative market for the hog roast machine manufacturers many of whom will market their machines on eBay as a vehicle to make pin money at the weekends. More than likely they will not be registered or have a hygiene rating and public liability insurance.

The farmer or butcher

These are usually the local farmers or butchers in Nottinghamshire, supplying an additional service to their retail outlet for extra income. As they have already made their profit by supplying the hog, this group can often put in a very competitive price. However, they often cannot supply the accompaniments such as salads, potatoes and desserts. At the end of the day when you visit your favourite restaurant, would you expect their professional chef to prepare and cook your meal – or his local butcher?

The professional hog roast company

Ideally the one to choose, will be well established with impeccable credentials, impressive testimonials and a good, informative website. These are often limited companies, registered for VAT and maybe staffed by a number of qualified chefs, supported by a greater number of serving professionals. They should be capable of doing not just one, but a number of hog roasts on a given day, so they always have the staff available to ensure that they will always turn up on the day. Incredibly, some hog roasters actually do not! Remember, ‘You get what you pay for’

Here’s what previous Hog Roasts Nottinghamshire customers say about us…

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the most delicious hog roast provided on Saturday. It looked impressive, but more importantly was so tasty, a real crowd pleaser, served by Stephanie, such an efficient and friendly lady. We could not have hoped for more. I will most certainly recommend you as well as booking you again in the future.” Elaine

“Would just like to say thank you, once again fantastic hog, very tasty and excellent service as always, and despite the limited number of guests you’d be surprised how little was left at the end of the night! We know we’ll be using you again in the future.” Susan and Mitch,

“We all had a great time. Plenty of food to feed us twice over the night. Pork was really good and much better than a local recommendation – guests loved it. Ross and Beth were lovely and looked after everyone. Thanks again.” Marie

We hope you found the aforementioned of use if you are planning a hog roast for your wedding, special occasion or corporate event in the Nottinghamshire area. If you would like to discuss any aspect further, please feel free to call us on 01509 889412.

Hog Roasts Nottinghamshire