The Unique Way We Roast Our Hogs

gives you mouth watering succulent pork and lots and lots of delicious crackling

1. Inside or outside, day time or night time, for all private celebrations and corporate events – our hog roasts genuinely stand out from the rest by producing the most succulent pulled pork you will ever have tasted!

2. We are a very experienced full time professional hog and ox roast catering company (not a one man band, weekender for pin money or a butcher). We have a catering and fine dining restaurant and hotel background so we are experts at what we do. Our staff are all chefs or catering front of house professionals.

3. We roast in our purpose built and unique ovens, using a state of the art convective cooking method. This is far superior to a rotisserie, as in a spit roast, and achieves far more even cooking temperatures, for a longer period of time whilst retaining the food’s natural juices. The end result is a mouth-watering golden brown hog, roasted to perfection and covered with lots and lots of  delicious crackling, which is most important. Take a look at our movie clip.

4. The major difference between us and most of our competitors, is that we roast our hogs for longer, in fact up to the temperature when the connective tissues break down resulting in our pork being so tender that we don’t carve it – we ‘pull’ it!

5. Once set up, we then ‘pull’ the all the meat from the hog in front of your guests, transfer the meat to heated chafing dishes and serve at the time you have requested. Using this method, we are able to extract 100% of all edible meat as opposed to the spit roast method which has to be ‘carved’ on the spit and hence is dry, goes cold quickly and still leaves lots of uneaten meat on the bone.

6. We mix the meat up so all your guests get a mixture of the different meat – shoulder, loin, side, belly, rear, etc. and not just the bit where the carver happens to be carving at the time. Our pork also stays piping hot and succulent for the duration of service.

7. We serve from heated chafers to ensure that all guests receive their hot food with a smooth and trouble free service, served quickly and efficiently.

8. Finally, your peace of mind and the wellbeing of you and your guests are of paramount importance to us. We are fully insured and have once again been awarded the top Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene rating of ’5 out of 5′.