Meet Hercules

Hercules, our unique mobile triple oven can feed over 750 hungry guests…

Well, to see it is to believe it! Our unique, mobile double skinned, triple roasting oven has been purpose built for us. We have named it ‘Hercules’ due to his size (4m long, 1.9m wide and weighing in at just under 1 ton) and his enormous roasting capacity.  What’s more, for larger events, he’s a great visual spectacle which will definitely both delight and entertain the guests. We cannot always guarantee to bring Hercules however, as we operate on a first come basis and he may have already been booked on the date of your own event.  Ensure you enquire at the time of booking. However, if we can, great care has to be taken to ensure we have suitable access and standing and an area big enough to manoeuver him at your venue. Please note that due to wear and tear, we now have to make an appearance charge plus a returnable accidental damage deposit. He is the largest of his kind in England and in conjunction with our other ovens we can feed any number of guests from as little as 30 up to around 1500+. Virtually any combination of meat and poultry is possible with Hercules!

…and he can roast up to three hogs,

or seven lambs, or one hog, one lamb and

a Baron of Beef all at the same time!