Our unique Baron of Beef

The ‘Baron of Beef’ is alleged to have originated when Henry VIII was served a spit roasted double sirloin of beef and was so taken by the roast that he dubbed it ‘Sir Loin, the Baron of Beef’. Whether this is true or not, this term in Britain has come to refer to a major mass of beef that includes the rump, sirloin and fore ribs of BOTH sides of the animal! Our choice is Black Hereford Heifer, a cross of Hereford and Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle.

If you want to impress, you will not get a better ‘Wow’ factor than the site of two chefs carving these enormous slabs of beef! And you will never taste better beef.

How many guests will a Baron of Beef feed? Well, depending upon size, a typical 200lb (96kg) on the bone will feed about 130 hungry diners. We can roast two, or even three, of these at the same time for larger guest numbers. We can also roast any number of 20lb (10kg) sirloins as a back up.

Our Speciality if you want to really impress your guests!

  • A ‘Baron of Beef’- or more – roasted to perfection
  • Carved by two chefs and served at the time to suit you
  • Served in soft large or extra large round baps
  • Horseradish Sauce, English Mustard
  • Disposable plates and napkins
  • Our own serving tables
  • Small or large parties please e mail / ring for a quote
  • No VAT

Vegetarian delights

A selection of meat free dishes that can all be eaten with our salads. We also cater of guests requiring gluten free diets or with any other special dietary requirements.

In a bap (warm)

  • Vegetarian Cumberland or Lincolnshire sausages
  • Vegetarian quarter pound burgers

In a pitta (cold)

  • Houmous, sliced radishes, lemon and coriander
  • Falafel, salad and Zatziki

All items are subject to availability. Alternatives will be offered for unavailable items. Our food may contain traces of nuts.

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