Premium rare breeds of pork, beef and lamb

We buy our rare breeds meat direct from the farm. This makes it possible for us to guarantee animal welfare and traceability at all stages of production.

Our award winning supplier’s experience in rare/native breeds and the traditional farming methods they use gives us the variety of end products to match our needs with a consistent, reliable supply to our specifications and menu requirements.

Pork Rare Breeds

We mainly supply PREMIUM pure bred, Gloucester Old Spot pigs, which carry an extra bit of fat. This helps to infuse moisture and gives a superbly distinctive flavour into the meat whilst it cooks. However, Saddleback, Berkshire, Middle White and Large Black cross breeds are also available as our STANDARD hog. The pigs consume natural feed, which is a factor responsible for the high quality and flavour of the pork. They also enjoy specialist rations, which have been formulated and which are free of GM products.

Beef Rare Breeds

The rare/native cattle breeds that our suppliers farms produce the most fantastic flavoured beef. This is due to their traditional farming methods, compassionate animal husbandry and the ageing process, where the bodies of these cattle are hung in a maturation chiller, on the bone, for the specified amount of time required by us. The presence of Himalayan rock salt aids in the process.

We only specify cattle that are rare or traditional breeds, with the majority being Longhorn, Shorthorn, Belted Galloway, Dexter, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford or Red Poll.

Lamb Roast

Lamb Rare Breeds

We prefer Suffolk or Texel lambs, which are available all year round. They are kept on limestone based land, which is free draining and therefore very good ground for raising sheep. The grass from this land is the mainstay of their diet.

Mutton is growing in popularity and its extra age gives it the characteristic flavour. Our mutton is hung for between one and two weeks to allow time for the meat to mature.

Keeping your meat perfect

We have our own walk in refrigerator, so upon delivery all our meat is stored at the correct temperature until needed.