Pulled Pork

Something unique for weddings, parties, anniversaries and all other special events – the ultimate in informal outside catering


The Great BBQ Taste of America

Tired of burgers, sausages and drumsticks? Here’s a mouth-watering alternative – it’s America’s favourite BBQ street food bringing you the authentic tastes of the Southern States.

Carolina Pulled Pork – Shoulders of pork, or Boston Butts as they call them, marinated then cooked very, very slowly for at least 18 hours. The result is delicious smokey flavoured meat that is amazingly tender and juicy. Served pulled in a bread bun.

Texas Beef Brisket – The national dish of the Republic of Texas. Beef Briskets are rubbed with brown sugar, coarse black pepper and secret spices, then slow-roasted, with a generous dose of liquid smoke, for at least 24 hours until they’re juicy and tender. Served chopped or sliced in a bread bun.

Buffalo Chicken Quarters – Originally created with ‘wings’ in Buffalo, New York in the 60’s. We use whole quarters, dry rubbed, slow roasted and served with traditional BBQ sauces. A unique concoction of specially blended ingredients – all the flavour of Buffalo Chicken Wings sandwiched inside a bun. Served pulled.

Memphis Pork Ribs Dry rubbed in true Memphis style, then ‘mopped’ regularly with a special BBQ sauce while they roast slow and low for 6 hours. The result – moist, juicy, smoky, tender. What more can we say! Served with a bread bun.

We serve this classic American food with special regional BBQ sauces imported from the USA, together with our own Carolina coleslaw and tossed green salad on the side. Additional authentic sides are also available.

A delicious great value meal which includes your choice of meat in a bun, two sides and authentic BBQ sauces!

  • Buffalo Chicken Quaters or
  • Carolina Pulled Pork or
  • Texas Beef Brisket
  • Served in soft large round bread buns at a time to suit you
  • Two American ‘Stockyard’ authentic BBQ sauces
  • Homemade Carolina coleslaw with a dash of wholegrain mustard 
  • Tossed green salad
  • Disposable plates and napkins
  • Other traditional accompaniments like Maque Choux and Corn bread