Stuffings (Homemade)

Dried Fruit:

Oil, onion, garlic, ground pork, dried apricots, white wine, lemon rind, parsley, pepper.

Pork and Rice:

Ground Pork, cooked rice, sultanas, (soaked in wine), garlic, eggs, cayenne pepper, brown pepper.

Bacon and Apple:

Bacon, onion, garlic, apples, sage, chicken stock, eggs, cream, parsley, bread, salt and pepper.


Butter, celery, onion, bread, cranberries, sage, thyme, salt and pepper.

Walnut and Mushroom:

Mushrooms, onion, butter, sage, salt, thyme, marjoram, pepper, bread, walnuts, chicken stock.

Traditional Sage and Onion:

Onions, sage, breadcrumbs, butter, salt, pepper and egg.

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