For VEGETARIANS and GLUTEN FREE guests – we offer a range of quality vegetarian options and are happy to provide any specific requirements for vegetarians, vegans, those with gluten free or any other special dietary requirements.

A selection of meat free items that can be eaten in our bread rolls, pitta bread or with our salads. Minimum order of 5 per item

(V) Suitable for Vegans (G) Gluten free

In a bread bun

Vegetarian sausages Premium

Two served in our fresh large soft baps (V)

Vegetable burgers 

A quarter pound vegetable burger in our fresh large soft baps

Vegetarian quarter pounders

 Resembles a meat burger and is served in one of our large soft baps. (V)

Falafel and Spinach burgers

 A blend of chickpea & leaf spinach, with cumin, coriander, lemon, garlic, chilli & formed into a gluten free burger (V) (G)

Vegetable & Cheese bake burgers

 A mix of carrots, green beans, onions, sweetcorn & soft cheese. Served in one of our large soft baps. (V)

Spicy bean burgers 

Kidney beans & vegetables, formed into a burger topped with salsa sauce & coated in breadcrumbs

Gluten free baps (in packs of 4) additional charge £5.00 – no minimum order

In a pitta 

Falafel, mixed leaves and zatziki

Piled into a pitta bread (G)

Houmous, sliced radishes, lemon and coriander 

Piled into a pitta bread (V) (G)

 On a stick

Mediterranean vegetable kebabs  

Peppers, courgettes, red onions, cherry tomatoes and Haloumi cheese (V) (G)

FOOD ALLERGIES and INTOLERANCES – Some of our food is made in an environment where nuts and nut products are used. Therefore our produce may contain traces of nuts. In accordance with EU food information regulation, please contact us to find out the exact ingredients that will be used on your order.

All items are subject to availability. We operate a policy of continual improvement and reserve the right to delete or add accompaniments at any time. Alternatives will be offered for unavailable items.
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